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4 key trends in Pharmaceutical Packaging for 2023

4 key trends for Pharmaceutical Packaging this year – watch out for them.

European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, a leading publisher on the pharma/biopharma manufacturing supply chain, recently shared about 4 trends shaping the pharmaceutical packaging industry for the year ahead.

First, prefilled containers and delivery devices are becoming commonplace, where patients can self-administer their medication at home. For example, pre-filled syringes are continuing their evolution with wearable injector technologies, where large-volume wearable injectors (LVWIs) can move treatment into patients’ homes.

Second, the active and intelligent pharmaceutical packaging market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9% by 2025. This is due to growing demand for packaging engineered to respond to atmospheric changes. In addition, intelligent packaging has exciting developments such as QR codes for patient compliance and smart sensors.

Third, sustainable packaging practices are picking up. 3D visualisation and printing techniques help save significant time and money through cheaper testing of ideas. More manufacturers are also building key product features directly into primary and secondary packaging at the first instance.

Lastly, eco-packaging research into sustainable plastic alternatives is increasing to achieve mass-adoption, due to the attention on plastic’s environmental impacts.

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