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6G cellular networks are emerging soon

A world with 6G could be happening sooner than you think.

According to EE Times, the leading news platform for the electronics industry, the possibilities of next generation 6G cellular networks are already being tested.

Today’s 5G is the ‘logical evolution of cellular connectivity’, where data replaces voice as the primary driver of wireless communication. This enables high-performance industrial applications such as the industrial metaverse and advanced robotics.

However, some industry players are already looking at 6G and started research using early trials. It is touted to bring faster speeds, near-zero latency, and better sensing capabilities.

This can enable more benefits of Industry 4.0 such as further automation, connecting billions of assets in the industrial space in real-time.

Amidst these exciting possibilities, power-efficiency is a must for 6G to be successful in higher-intensity use cases.

With the improvements in industrial connectivity, our Senior Consultants can support your business in hiring top senior talents to capitalise on these opportunities.


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