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AgriTech Industry is Transforming Globally

Here is what you need to know about what’s transforming the AgriTech industry.

Today, living in the era of robotic technologies and automation fosters a heightening interest in agri-tech.

According to TechWire Asia, an online news media, Cobots remain the fastest-growing segment of industrial automation, projected to grow at a CAGR of 43.4% from 2021 to 2027.

Cultivating is no more abnormal to automation, yet numerous agriculture-related tasks request a delicate touch to deal with sensitive fresh food sources or expect robots to work intently close to people and animals.

Collaborative robots or cobots are making sensational advances for those applications, giving farming and dairy activities the benefits of streamlined production and increased competitiveness.

Robotic milking technologies are already being adopted in the dairy area and in-field implementation of tractor-mounted robotic manipulators to eliminate weeds and shield crops from bugs and diseases.

While the automotive sector has been using it for some time, especially on the assembly line, other industries are now finding more use cases for cobots as well.

For non-agriculturally intensive nations like Singapore as well, there exist food growers applying urban solutions in this space, such as cobots. In fact, Singapore has introduced an initiative to set aside S$60 million for a new Agri-Food Cluster Transformation Fund (ACT) under its Budget 2021 measures.

According to James McKew, Regional Director of Asia-Pacific in Universal Robots, modern agriculture more automation will be seen soon in urban farming.

“As people often associated cobots with traditional industrial robots, we need to address these misconceptions. Today’s cobots are versatile and flexible, they are adaptable to urban farming purposes. These small-sized cobots are not only cost-effective, but their simple programming also makes them ideal for a wide range of applications in the agricultural landscape. Farmers need not worry about the unintuitive programming of robots since cobots are easy to implement, operate and maintain,” he added.

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