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APAC Internet of Things adoption will surge ahead

Where will IoT adoption be the fastest?

According to Highways.Today, a leading editorial website focusing on the International Construction Industry, APAC is set to overtake the rest of the world in Internet of Things (IoT) adoption as reported in an Asian IoT Megatrends report from the global research firm OMDIA and global connectivity provider Telenor IoT.

While APAC’s digital transformation of enterprise has been slower than the rest of the world, rising investments in the region could push the adoption of IoT into unprecedented growth. Emerging IoT adoption particularly from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Thailand, is expected to push the number of IoT devices from 14.5 billion in circulation today to a forecasted 38.9 billion by 2030.

This is mostly due to unique challenges in APAC such as population growth in megacities, a need to reach widely spread remote areas, the increasing pressures of urban mobility and energy demand, and the wider political landscape where new policies and guidelines steer IoT deployment. Additionally, the IoT vendor market is fragmented, with enterprises facing high complexity and cybersecurity concerns.

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