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Aquaculture stays strong

Aquaculture stays strong – Global shrimp output to hit record levels in 2023.

The aquaculture industry remains optimistic for 2023 according to the latest aquaculture report from Rabobank, a leading financial services provider for the food & agribusiness sector, which summarized key takeaways from the Global Seafood Alliance’s (GSA) GOAL Conference 2022 held in October 2022.

The report has projected that global shrimp supply is on track to grow 7% and reach 6 million metric tons in 2023.
This growth is largely attributed to Ecuador’s projected shrimp production growth of 18 to 30%, and a strong 9.5% recovery in China’s production.

The report highlighted that Asia – the largest shrimp-producing region – will contribute an estimated production of 4 million metric tons of shrimp for 2023, thanks to growth in India and Southeast Asian nations such as Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

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