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Business in France – 5 stats that should get you interested in France now

Growing your Tech business in France – If you have not considered France, then here’s 5 key statistics that should get you interested in France now.

The French Tech VC ecosystem has grown and matured significantly in France. France has been making the headlines for its average deal sizes doubling, the number of unicorn companies rising and more fundings from institutional investors have been seen across funding rounds.

According to a business news media, Business Leader, and a report titled The Rise of French Tech, here are 5 key highlights of France tech industry you should know:

1) VC investment in France totalled €8.9bn in 2021 YTD, the highest figure in the history of the French tech market
2) Average deal size has doubled, reaching €15.9m in 2021 YTD vs €7.7m in 2020
3) The number of French Unicorns doubled to 21 in 2021 YTD
4) Late-stage capital has continued to increase supported by international and local investors.
5) International interest in French tech start-ups grew dramatically, with investment from the US accelerating by 313% between 2020 and 2021 YTD.

In the last several months, a new picture of the French tech has emerged as the sector has surged ahead with a growing presence.

Entrepreneurs can rely on – according to experts – a powerful blend of government regulation and support, a strong education sector, and access to finance from both local and international investors to create the next global tech success story from France.

France has developed an ecosystem that matches the needs of businesses to help them realise the opportunities of the moment. As the world moves on to the next phase of our global technological and digital revolution, It is important for businesses to have the right talent in place to foster such growth for your organization.

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