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‘Candidates are too jumpy’

“They’re too jumpy”.

And we’re not talking about kangaroos here.

This is a common complaint we receive about candidates, particularly when working on projects in Asia.

Since my arrival in Singapore 8 years ago I’ve constantly had to dig deeper (than I did in the Western world) into understanding the motives behind someone entertaining a job move.

Some reasons are valid. Some less so.

And hiring managers, CEOs and HR have to understand it from their own perspective too; are you fearful they will leave your business because YOU can’t retain your workforce?

Hiring a ‘jumpy’ candidate shouldn’t be so taboo if a) you have done significant due diligence and b) you believe in your own ability to create a vibrant, engaging and rewarding work environment and career path.

As this HBR post suggests, market forces will also play a part. And the reason you’re hiring is likely because of this too, right?

But when hiring, you as a CEO or HRD also have to look inwards and assess whether your retention strategies are also going to keep these A players once you do secure them.

Article Link: https://hbr.org/2000/01/a-market-driven-approach-to-retaining-talent

Written By:
Craig Howe
Regional Senior Consultant

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