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Dark Kitchens: New Trend in the Food Industry

Don’t miss out on dark kitchens, a new trend taking over the Food industry.

Dark Kitchens – no, not about cooking in the dark – sometimes known also as cloud or ghost kitchens are a new form of kitchen that does not interact with customers directly. It is an avenue for restaurant and food brands to reach outside traditional brick-and-mortar stores and closer to new customers without the traditional investment overlay.

A way to get closer to a wider and varied network of consumers, dark kitchens significantly reduces the 2 biggest cost components – staff and rent.

According to a report by Flipdish and shared by Sifted, an online news media, this sector of dark kitchens is expected to hit 71.4 Bil USD by 2027. In fact, it is also expected to have 50% market share of the take-away foodservice market.

As a whole, the food delivery market in Europe is roughly worth 24.3 Bil Euros with an expected 262% year-on-year growth in fundraising for early-stage food delivery companies. The market size for food delivery apps is also expected to double by 2025.

While the pandemic may have changed the way consumers order food, this change is more than likely to stay. Modern customers crave for the ability to access what they want and when they want – dark kitchens certainly satisfies those cravings.

It is unlikely that dark kitchens and virtual brand will replace brick-and-mortar stores completely but in a global sector that is expected to be worth 230 Bil USD by 2025, food delivery is definitely talked about.

Not just food, but experts also predict that a bigger growth opportunity lies ahead: Grocery Delivery.

According to the founder of Taster, a French food delivery platform, Anton Soulier “We want to create something that’s as disruptive as Airbnb for the food industry. In 2017 when we were talking to VCs, they thought we were crazy. Thanks to the pandemic, now everyone gets it.”

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