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Singapore’s Temasek joins Facebook LIBRA crypto currency project!

We have just found out, we must say, and are eager to see how this will go.

Singapore’s state-owned USD300 billion Fund announced it was joining Facebook’s LIBRA earlier in May this year.

With its 2.6 billion active users, Facebook’s project to create its own currency is obviously highly scrutinized by most financial institutions and governments.
This is probably the largest scale project in the crypto currency world and it has the potential to disrupt several industries. And Temasek now supports the project.

The Libra project has been a hot topic of discussion with our clients in Fintech and E-commerce, I am guessing it will go on for a while.
Libra was initially planned to be launched mid-2020 but there is no official launch date yet.

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Temasek is investing in Facebook's Libra