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Tech & Innovation Hub – Who is next?

Which city ranks as the top tech innovation hub globally, outside of Silicon Valley? Hint: It’s the little red dot.

According to KPMG’s global ranking of leading technology innovation hubs outside of Silicon Valley in San Francisco, Singapore ranks at the top spot for the second year running.

Experts say this ranking reinforces Singapore’s image on the global stage as well as its other strength as a reputable global financial hub and critical gateway for business to access the rest of Asia.

Of the top 10 cities ranked, 6 are in the APAC region, signalling the burgeoning potential of the region.

Trailing Singapore, the other top 9 cities in order of rankings are: New York City, Tel Aviv, Beijing, London, Shanghai, Tokyo, Bengaluru, Hong Kong, Austin and Seattle.

Interestingly, the question of whether Silicon Valley will maintain its lead over the next 4 years was tied. 36% responded that they are undecided and the remaining 64% were equally split between a yes and a no.

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