Our Solutions - NAOS International


& Executive Search.

We are specialised in the recruitment of regional management positions and support our clients development with a focus on Asia, the Middle-East and Europe.

Our expertise lies in complex searches targeting a small pool of candidates from middle management or expertise roles to country and regional Directors.

“Recruiting the ideal candidate” works both ways, from the employer & candidate side. We run thorough analysis of required skills and experience as well as corporate culture, management style and candidate’s motivation and ambition. We work closely with our clients and candidates to bring value to both sides.

We take every recruitment mandate as a project and deploy our Project Management Search Methodology.

This methodology enables us to greatly maximize the chances of performing a successful recruitment and build strong collaborations with our clients and candidates.

A team of international
recruitment experts

We know the success of your key recruitments relies on the performance of our team. This is why we have gathered a team of expert recruiters who are sector specialists with solid international experience.

We have developed over the years a solid experience hiring top talents across most countries in Asia, the Middle-East and Europe, having placed candidates in over 40 countries since our inception.

We can help your organization reach out to a vast international network of leaders, managers and experts.

A modernized approach to
Recruitment & Executive Search

We believe the Executive Search industry needs a no nonsense, modernized approach.

There is a clear gap in the recruitment industry and we are positioned to fill this gap:

We are streamlining the search and recruitment model to make it faster and more affordable while maintaining a high level of accuracy and quality.

This modern approach also allows us to take on mandates for middle management positions, with the same level of thoroughness and assessment than for senior positions while offering relevant, sustainable fees to our clients.


& Benefits Advisor.

Adapting your talent acquisition strategy at local and global level is a strategic matter for most companies.

Your organization’s compensation and benefits structure is a central component of this strategy to ensure the best attractiveness on the market, as well as retaining key people.

In order to support our clients on those complex matters, we undertake specific studies to help accurately determine market competitive compensation frameworks.

Smart data to help you make the
right decision.

This study produces a detailed, up-to-date, and unbiased outlook of the employment market which can be used to attract talents and ensure employee loyalty and retention.

We have developed our own expertise and knowhow which encompasses the whole recruitment process: from data collection, analysis, and reprocessing, to presentation of results.

Salary is a key factor in the satisfaction and commitment of an employee. Whether you seek to attract the most sought-after talents or don’t want to risk losing top executives, your organization needs to know the market condition to offer the most relevant salary and benefits.

A Comprehensive and
State-Of-The-Art Analysis

Several factors influence salary rates, including geographic location, company size, and education level. In addition, market transformation can be quick, which is why our teams provide you with targeted and up-to-date salary studies. You will know exactly what salary to offer to your team leaders and senior profiles to beat the competition.

A Source Of High Quality Information
For Your Management

We have developed expertise and know-how in the gathering, analysis and processing of information related to compensation and benefits. We present the results of our studies in an easy simple structured way to allow you to easily extract the key information and help efficiently with your decision making. Over the years we have performed compensation and benefits studies targeting several countries in Asia, the MEA and Europe.



A customized approach

We assist our clients in the evaluation of their key employees using a methodology we have developed with numerous different cases over the years.
What is meant by “talent” is unique to each organization. Therefore we do customize our approach to fit your environment and design relevant assessments.

People don’t always fit in a box

Our assessments offer a wide range of measurements to understand your employee’s strengths, areas of improvement but also values and motivation. These analysis are particularly useful to support your HR strategy when dealing with internal re-organization, succession plans as well as merger and acquisitions.


Regional Talent

When it comes to attracting the right person, time always flies. We have developed a significant expertise in talent mapping for a particular profile within given geographic zones, countries, and even specific cities. This can enable your organization to gather precise talent pool information to support the opening of a subsidiary, to prepare a key recruitment in a targeted country, or to anticipate future recruitment campaigns.

Talent mappings also help you anticipate and create potential candidate pipelines with access to detailed information on skills, experience and compensation. Thus, your vacancies can be filled with high-performers in a shorter notice.