Assessment of Existing Management

Assessment of Existing Management

Attracting people is a key competitive advantage. But once onboard, how do you make sure the persons have all it takes to reveal their talents ?

We assist our clients in the evaluation of their key employees using methods we have developed with numerous different cases over the years. An assessment provides support in the following areas:

  • To evaluate your company’s potential in order to prepare the future.
  • At the final stages of the recruitment of a key position.
  • In preparation for an internal promotion.
  • In the integration of new employees in the case of M&A.

Management positions are crucial to the success and sustainability of your organization. A badly filled management position has a disastrous impact on the performance of a good team, while a good leader can make great achievements. The assessment of your managers allows you to identify the perfect talent for a key position. Trust our teams to support you in this essential step.

Define what is good for your business, and your business precisely.

What is meant by “talent” is unique to each organization. Therefore we thoroughly analyze your operation patterns and strategies to develop relevant assessments and highlight employees in tune with your projects. Our evaluators will provide you with concrete and practical ways to fill any gap, and help you build a successful team with a manager in line with your expectations.

People don’t always fit in a box.

Our assessments offer a wide range of measurements to understand your collaborator’s strengths, weaknesses, values ​​and problem-solving skills. A stressful situation can turn a strength into weakness, for example attention to detail can become micromanagement and drive can turn into ruthless ambition.

By anticipating these personality traits, our teams help you prepare for each step of your organization’s life:

  • Evaluating your company’s potential in order to prepare the future.
  • Finalizing the recruitment of a key position.
  • Preparation for an internal promotion.
  • Integration of new employees in the case of mergers and acquisitions.