Recruitment & Executive Search

Recruitment & Executive Search

We are specialised in the recruitment of management level positions and, with several offices around the world, assist our clients searches in Europe, the Middle-East and Asia.

Our expertise lies in the direct recruitment of talents in key positions from middle management to country and regional Directors.

The recruitment of the ideal person requires a fine analysis of skills, experience, fit, ambition and emotional intelligence. Our direct approach involves criteria which can only be met by a restricted number of candidates.

Our direct approach allows us to complete such assignments under strict standards of confidentiality and within the required timeframe.

The objective of each of our recruitment process is to discern the ideal person that will give the company a strategic advantage. On top of this, we are trained to focus on the interest of the person to join our client, to ensure a sustainable recruitment, onboarding and successful collaboration.

A team of experts involved in your development

The strength of a recruiter is its network and a long experience in discerning the best potentials for each position. We know that the success of your recruitments lies on the performance of our team, that’s why we’ve gathered expert recruiters thanks to great working conditions and attractive salaries. Our specialists are entirely involved in your success and offer you a leading quality service.

Trust our expertise and give yourself access to a vast international network of leaders and managers, experts in their fields

The best candidate might already be working, and maybe not in your industry. The richness of our network enables us to reveal outstanding talents in Europe, Middle East and Asia, within strict deadlines. You want to recruit someone from a competitor with which you have a good relationship? We work confidentially and can help avoid conflict with competitors.