Regional Talent Mapping

Regional Talent Mapping

When it comes to attracting the right person, time always flies. Today is already too late, so we have developed a significant expertise in talent mapping for a particular profile within given geographic zones, countries, and even cities. This enables our client to have the precise information at hand in order to validate the opening of a subsidiary, to prepare a recruitment in a targeted country, or to anticipate future recruitment campaigns.

Moreover, resignation of senior managers happens, and organizations must anticipate this to avoid high recruitment pressure. Talent Mapping enables organizations to create a candidate pipeline for certain key positions, with access to the right information (skills, experience, motivations…). Thus, any vacancy can be filled with high-performers in a short notice.

Better anticipate transitions to ensure success

Revenue-generating roles such as sales or highly specialized profiles can be particularly costly while they are vacant. They should require special attention. Positions in HR, finance and IT are very important too, but the skills required are often more generic and transferable from another industry. The gathering of information must be comprehensive and regularly updated to allow quick assessment when recruitment is needed.

We provide you with all the data you need for your recruitment plans

Our teams analyze the potential of the market for you, and keeps you informed of talents’ availability for a given position. We assist you in all your research:

  • To fill key positions in near term.
  • To benchmark the potential of your collaborators against an external candidate pool.
  • To get an insight into profiles employed by your competitors in specific positions, including salary data.
  • To review your competitors’ hierarchical organization.

Our studies allow you to have a clear and up-to-date vision of a particular market. So you can confidently make your choices of opening sites and subsidiaries, or prepare your recruitment plans for a country.