Salary Benchmark

Salary Benchmark

The local and global talent search becomes a strategic topic for most companies. In order to ensure the best attractivity on the market, and retain key people, compensation and benefits topics are central.

In order to support our clients, we undertake studies to accurately determine a market competitive salary for a particular position within a given niche sector.

Smart data is important, but smart analysis is our asset to help you make the right decision.

This study produces a detailed, up-to-date, and unbiased outlook of the employment market which can be used to attract talents and ensure employee loyalty and retention.

We have developed our own expertise and know-how which encompasses the whole recruitment process: from data collection, analysis, and reprocessing, to presentation of results.

Salary is a key factor in the satisfaction and commitment of an employee. Whether you seek to attract the most sought-after talents or don’t want to risk losing top executives, your organization needs to know the market condition to offer the most relevant salary and benefits.

A Comprehensive And State-Of-The-Art Analysis

Several factors influence salary rates, including geographic location, company size, and education level. In addition, market transformation can be quick, which is why our teams provide you with targeted and up-to-date salary studies. You will know exactly what salary to offer to your team leaders and senior profiles to beat the competition.

A Source Of High Quality Information For Your Shareholders

Prove to your shareholders that you know the market well, and that your salaries are perfectly adapted to your collaborators’ positions and niche sector. We have developed expertise and know-how in the gathering, analysis and processing of information, and we pay particular attention to the presentation of results.