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Sequoia: USD1.35 Bn funds in SEA and India

Sequoia Capital announces $1.35 billion funds for Southeast Asia (SEA) and India.
No matter covid-19, this region is attracting investments!

The Silicon Valley-headquartered fund, early investor in WhatsApp, Google, GoJek (among many others) is launching 2 new funds, total amount of USD 1.35 billion.

This is another clear sign of India and Southeast-Asia’s e-commerce and Tech scene growth.

The region is drawing substantial foreign investments from the US but… also China (Alibaba, Bytedance, China telecom are investing as well).

At NAOS International we have been supporting startups backed by VCs including Sequoia, hire and expand in Asia since 2012. I am excited to see that the Tech scene momentum remains strong in this region.

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