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The top 3 trends in Food Innovation for 2023

The top 3 trends in Food Innovation for 2023 – Which one catches your eye?

Reported in New Food Magazine, a key multimedia resource for the global food and beverage industry, the top 3 food innovation trends in 2023 according to experts are: Cultivated Meat, Regenerative Agriculture, and the role of Data.

Cultivated Meat is here to stay, as demand shifts to ‘real life’ meat that is easy on the environment and animal welfare.

The cost of cultivated meat and innovation could be reduced to just under €6 per kilogram by 2030, based on a study run by research body CE Delft. This is due to continued investment and research into new startups, partnerships, and solutions in the coming years.

Next, the ancient method of Regenerative Agriculture seeks to eradicate the need for unnatural intervention in farming. Farmers can maximise biodiversity, have crops and livestock naturally support one another, and increase the nutrition of produce and health of soils.

Today, the use of digital farming solutions and innovations can help farmers to achieve this. Coupled with continued investments in 2023, this is likely to grow in scale.

Lastly, the role of Data is paramount in driving food innovation. Data enables food system stakeholders to make more informed decisions as they seek to make changes in their processes to solve challenges such as food waste reduction and loss of supply chains.

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