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UK Commercial Vehicle production in 2022 surpasses pre-pandemic figures

Commercial vehicles produced from this European country are still well loved., a leading automotive industry news website, reported that UK’s commercial vehicle (CV) production grew 39.3% in 2022 according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

This was the best annual output since 2012, and 29.8% above 2019’s pre-pandemic production figures, a miraculous achievement despite the global challenges such as supply chain disruptions and geopolitical events.

Overall growth was mostly due to export demand, with vehicles built for overseas markets up 63.4% to record their highest share of production of 60.2% since 2017. Among these markets, European customers were responsible for 92.8% of total CV exports, or 56,812 units. This is followed by Asia, the US, and Australia and New Zealand combined, which each had above 1,000 units of CVs purchased from the UK.

Building on this optimism, stronger growth is expected for 2023, mainly due to new model activity and increased electric van production. As a result, this could see manufacturing surpass 160,000 units in 2023, compared to the 101,600 units in 2022.

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