What you need to know about Aerospace & Defense industry

Here is Guillaume Pognon on hiring within the Aerospace and Defense industry:

“The Aerospace and Defense industry is resilient and will rebalance itself to adapt to the new post pandemic world. However, there have been underlying forces of change affecting the industry before COVID-19 that has not and will not end – the digital transformation in businesses, products and services.

Recruiting leaders with greater digital expertise and talent will be a crucial next step in determining an organization’s upcoming future. Organizations that accelerate and take concrete steps now towards new transformations, will be better equipped to take on the new normal.”

Based out of our Paris office, Guillaume Pognon is a Regional Managing Consultant at NAOS International and covers a spectrum of roles within the Aerospace and Defense Systems (ADS) Industry.

Get in touch with Gullaume and find out what you need to know about hiring within the ADS industry.

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