Why should your sights be set on the Asian market?

According to GeekWire, Asia is going to be the world’s largest market: By 2040, Asia is likely to account for almost 40% of global consumption and generate more than 50% of world GDP.

By 2022, the middle-class is expected to grow by an additional 50 million in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam – This will contribute to the region’s growing $300 billion middle-class disposable income.

Looking at the Tech industry specifically, back in 2018, 43% of revenue generated by the world’s top 100 tech firms were Asian companies. Not only Tech companies but VCs investment quadrupled from US 20 Bn in 2014 to US 80 Bn in 2018.

Home to 21 of the world’s 30 largest cities, eyes are now on Asia. We can help you establish and expand your team in Asia – Reach out to our Senior Consultants for more.

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