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Europe’s top Logistics location

Which European city will be the top logistics location?

According to the European Logistics Report 2022 from Knight Frank, a leading real estate consultancy, Madrid will emerge as the top logistics location in the next 5 years.

Madrid is less than 700km away from any point in the Iberian peninsula, a mountainous region in South-western Europe occupied by Portugal and Spain, such that merchandise can be shipped within the peninsula in less than 24 hours. The city is also the hub at the crossroads of axes that connect the territory by means of highways, establishing its logistics market as the core of e-commerce.

Madrid launched the Integrated Logistics Sector Development Strategy for the years 2022-2026, meant to promote and improve infrastructure and thus attract new companies. Coupled with upcoming logistics developments such as the expansion of the Madrid airport and new warehouse construction, Madrid will remain a prime European location for large logistics operators.

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