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With activities in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, NAOS International is an Executive Search and HR consulting firm supporting companies developing on high-growth markets.

NAOS International has a team of over 40 employees, across 6 global offices.

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NAOS International is an Executive Search and Human Resources group with offices in Paris, Dubai, Singapore Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Hong-Kong and whose expertise covers Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Our mission is to assist our clients in the development of their companies in these high-growth zones.

With an extensive international network, and specialised in complex and fast-growing markets, we are an experienced team with a global approach to our clients whilst also being local experts of the regions in which we operate.

Our team is made up of consultants with proven experience in Operations Engineering activities, Project Management, Business Development, and Business Management.

This expertise, together with our presence on the ground in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, provides us with a complete and detailed understanding of the recruitment projects entrusted to us; an understanding not only of the positions to be filled, but equally of the context and company culture of our clients.

The success of the projects we undertake for our clients is linked directly to the excellence of our teams. For this reason, we take special care in the development of our teams and in the maintenance of our key values: the “FEEL”, standing for Fun, Energy, Excellence, and Loyalty.

We are specialised in recruitment projects for middle management and top management profiles.

We also carry out specific HR advisory activities including bespoke studies benchmarking salaries in key job positions (see Solutions).

We have developed a well-tested methodology to directly target candidates. This know-how guarantees that we will put our clients in contact with the best talents and within the required timeframe (see Methodology).


The first NAOS International office opens in Paris.

First step outside Europe, with the expansion to the Middle East through the opening of our own Dubai subsidiary.

Launching into Asia with an office in Singapore.

Expanding our footprint in Hong Kong, Indonesia and High-Growth Markets.

Global Team Strength equals 30.

Further growth in Asia with a new office in Kuala Lumpur.

NAOS International celebrates its 10 years!

The values of NAOS International: the “FEEL”


Work seriously, but never pretend being too serious. This motto summarizes well the first value of NAOS, never forgetting that pleasure is part of delivering an outstanding job. Come and meet us, and  you’ll see 😊


We are a fast growing company, with an entrepreneurial spirit. Everybody has a say, everybody is respected, everybody is invited to create value and be rewarded for it. We are never so happy than when we see our team members learning new skills and taking on new responsibilities, helping to grow into our company and their own careers. Working with our team to developing these new skills and talents is one of our most important responsibilities.


Nothing is easy, nothing comes without hard work. Competition is everywhere. Recruitment and HR aren’t an easy game, and the only way we can win is to work twice as hard as them, because we have the energy, the ambition and the passion.


Nothing can be achieved without a deep feeling of belonging to a project, a team, and a vision. To do so, we base our organization on mutual loyalty, first between the team members, then towards our candidates, clients and partners. This whole organization is strong due to the commitment of each member.

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