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Eyes on the Agri-Food Tech industry

According to Green Queen, an award-winning sustainability media, investments into the agri-food tech industry in 2020 is expected to top US$30.5 Bil, representing a 34.5% increase from 2019 – the highest-ever record.

With the pandemic continuing to spotlight the critical need for resilient supply chain solutions, funding has been pouring into a range of ventures in the industry, spanning from novel farming technologies to alternative protein food techs.

Investment reports refer to 2020 as a ‘blow-out year’ for this industry and expects to see a 15.5% year-over-year increase.

Specifically on Europe, France, Germany and UK are part of the top 10 countries in the world for their investments in the industry – the total combined investment for just these 3 countries are US$ 2.1 Bil.

As the European market continues to mature with new AgriTech trends, we have been partnering with companies within this industry to grow and expand across Europe. Reach out to our Senior Consultants to find out more.


Link: https://www.greenqueen.com.hk/total-agri-food-tech-funding-in-2020-to-reach-us30-5-billion-new-data-shows/