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Find out about the VC ecosystem in Europe

According to Sifted, an online news media, Europe has over 450 VC firms.

While UK is home to 6 of the top 15 VCs based on the total market value of a VC’s financial assets, the DACH region (Germany, Switzerland & Austria) saw the highest number of new VC funds launched in 2019 and 2020.

Half of the most active funds in Southern Europe are based in France, with Paris-based Early Stage Venture – Seed, VC Kima Ventures being Europe’s third most active in 2020 in terms of number of deals.

Eastern Europe seems to be the most underfunded region but also developing is Budapest-based HIVentures made 200 deals in 2020, making it the most active VC fund in Europe in 2020, in terms of number of deals.

As the VC scene continues to evolve, our Senior Consultants have been actively recruiting for funds. Our collaboration with Investment Funds range from helping them recruit specific talent for their own management team as well as for their portfolio companies.

Reach out to our Senior Consultants based in Paris to find out more.


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