Most attractive European country for foreign investors in 2021?

Most attractive European country for foreign investors in 2021?

This time, France has taken the lead on the score board to be the most attractive country in 2020, leaving UK to the take the second place and Germany to take the third place.

According to The Local, an online European news media, France announced 985 foreign direct investments projects in 2020, while UK and Germany announced 975 and 930 projects respectively.

Based on the report published by EY, while aeronautics and tourism industries took a hit during the pandemic, investors have cited that ‘the country defended relatively well its attractiveness’ during the pandemic ‘especially thanks to the government support measures for businesses and the country’s economic recovery plan’.

44% of investors interviewed said the recovery plan had been more efficient than that of other countries.

The sector that received the most foreign investment with 146 projects remains the software and information technologies.

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