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What is France stepping up their game for?

According to Sifted, Europe’s online news media, Deeptech is Europe’s main focus. VCs and policymakers consider these new research-based technologies will shift the global balance of power in their favour, by ‘unleashing a world-beating generation of startups’.

France, together with Bpifrance, has decided to increase the size of their five-year Deep Tech fund to 2 Bil Euros, making it one of the most ambitious in Europe. According to Paul-François Fournier, head of Bpifrance Innovation, this move is in recognition of the early success of the program but also to convey the urgency France feels to innovate in various sectors under deeptech (such as health and environment).

Apart from France, governments across Europe such as Germany, UK and Estonia have announced 1 Bil Euro, 1.25 Bil Euro and 15 Mil Euro worth of funds respectively to be allocated specifically for deeptech.

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Link: https://sifted.eu/articles/france-deeptech-fund-2bn/