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What is the future of AgriTech in France?

According to Tech HQ, an independent Tech News Media, French farmers have been trialing and implementing technological solutions with the help of the 250+ agri-tech startups in the country.

The 3 key areas where technology is currently making a difference is firstly, Robotic Weeding (removal of unwanted growths around the crop), Farming Automation (solution for almost every step of a commercial crop and animal breeding lifecycle) and Drone-based Pesticide distribution (calculating an exact volume of pesticide used to ensure safety for consumers).

France imports about USD 5 Bil in coffee and chocolate annually, exports wheat, corn and barley at USD 3.37 Bil, USD 1.63 Bil and USD 1.07 Bil respectively.

Any boost in productivity of the country’s agricultural produce will only help revenues grow further and complying with the UN’s sustainable development and food security goals.

Technology has been played a big role in advancing various industries, including niche and traditional sectors such as agriculture. Our Senior Consultants at NAOS International have been recruiting the right talents for such specialized industries for the past 10 years. Reach out to us to find out more.


Article Link: https://techhq.com/2020/03/how-french-farmers-are-leading-with-agri-tech/