Which country has the most advanced blockchain ecosystem?

Which country has the most advanced blockchain ecosystem?

The European Commission (EC) blockchain think tank considers Switzerland at the center of blockchain activity, not only in Europe but globally as well.

According to Fintech News, Switzerland has a massive blockchain industry of 800 blockchain providers with an active VC ecosystem and supportive regulators that have formulated rules that nature the sector to thrive.

In Europe specifically, Switzerland, Estonia, Malta and Cyprus have the most developed and advanced blockchain ecosystems with ‘well-developed startup scenes and high levels of regulatory maturity’.

Estonia has 143 blockchain startups that have raised a total of EUR 257 Mil in funding till date, Malta has 60 blockchain startups which have raised EUR51 Mil in funding. Cyprus has 27 blockchain startups and raised EUR 142 Mil funding, making it one of Europe’s most successful country in attracting investments in blockchain.

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Link: https://fintechnews.ch/blockchain_bitcoin/switzerland-and-estonia-among-europes-most-advanced-blockchain-ecosystems/42347/

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