A look back at the 2nd Matinale NAOS

A successful 2nd Matinale NAOS

Thursday 20th June, we were privileged to welcome 8 executives to our Paris offices at 130 Bd St Germain for the 2nd edition of the Matinale NAOS.

The Matinale NAOS provides a framework for exchanges between executives, encouraging the exploration of new perspectives and the building of enriching professional relationships within a diversified network.

For this event, we welcomed Yves Bertin, General Manager of TECNIZY-GCAT Group, who shared with us his vision and advice on setting up a structure in Asia.

Franco-Australian, Yves Bertin began his career as an officer in the French Army (graduate of ESM Saint-Cyr). He then moved on to expatriate assignments and operational and commercial leadership roles in base management services. Yves has worked for the defense, oil, mining and construction industries in the Balkans, Africa and the Middle East, Australia and Asia.
He progressed to Human Resources Director positions in Asia-Pacific, Central Europe, then France, for services with a strong human dimension in industrial and tertiary environments. Today, he is Managing Director of Tecnizy GCAT (NovaKamp Group), where he recruits, employs and deploys experts and leaders worldwide for major international projects.

Assisted by our Group Managing Director, Dimitri Vardakas, the exchanges were enriching and will, we hope, contribute to opening up new strategic perspectives and collaboration between the participants.

We would like to thank Mark Gellibert, Yannick Rest, Thomas Le Grand, Oualid Abderrazek, Celine Durnez Ghestem, Maxime Chatellier, Hervé Blanc, Laurent Riffault for their availability and commitment today.

Next NAOS International event? Probably in October… Stay connected until then 😉