Technology, Digital & Innovation

Recruiting executives in the technology, digital, and innovation sectors is a complex task due to their constantly evolving nature. These sectors are characterized by a rapid pace of change, with the continuous emergence of new practices, disruptive technologies, and emerging trends. Companies operating in these domains must innovate continuously to remain competitive.


The challenge lies in finding leaders who not only understand these developments but are also capable of anticipating and integrating them into their strategy. Executives in these sectors must be visionaries, pioneers, and innovators, capable of navigating an ever-changing environment.

At NAOS International, our dedicated team is specially trained to identify executives with the experience, vision, and innovative capacity required to succeed in these demanding sectors. We work closely with our clients to ensure that each recruited candidate is a perfect fit for their culture and goals.

Industry insights

“In an ever-changing environment, there is no greater risk than standing still,” Jacques Chirac.

This quote from the former French president is more relevant than ever in these perpetually changing sectors.

At the heart of the technology, innovation, and digital sector, recruitment trends shape an ever-evolving landscape. Market demands impose a growing need for specialized skills such as AI, cybersecurity, data analysis, and blockchain. Flexibility, agility, and adaptability become essential imperatives, while the importance of non-technical skills, namely soft skills such as communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving, continues to grow. New recruitment methods are emerging, ranging from the use of AI for CV sorting to video interviews and platforms assessing technical skills. Diversity and inclusion also play a central role in these evolving dynamics.

A recurrent challenge in recruitment within the technology, digital, and innovation sectors is the persistent shortage of qualified talents. Skill requirements evolve rapidly in tandem with technological advancements, while intense competition among companies to attract the best talents intensifies the challenge. Recruiters face the complex task of finding candidates capable of meeting not only current requirements but also adapting to future sector developments, where areas such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and virtual reality lead the way in advancements.”