Talent Mapping

When it comes to attracting the right person, time always flies. We have developed significant expertise in talent mapping for specific profiles across broad geographical areas, countries, and even specific cities. This can enable your organization to gather precise information about the talent pool to support opening a subsidiary, prepare for successful recruitment in a country, or anticipate future recruitment campaigns.

Talent mappings also help you anticipate and create pools of potential candidates by providing access to detailed information on skills, experience, and compensation. As a result, your vacant positions can be filled by highly competent individuals in a shorter timeframe.

  • Setting the context

    Job criteria, targeted questions to ask, preparation of presentation to candidate (employer branding)

  • Market mapping

    Identify target companies and potential candidates using a combination of our network, online tools and sector mapping

  • Interview

    Telephone interview with candidates, presentation of company, context and project, evaluation of candidates

  • Creation of a long-list of candidates

    First name, surname, title and responsibilities, current company, contact details, salary structure, interest in the position, perception of the company

  • Follow-up with the company

    Bimonthly progress reports, follow-up meetings, sharing of market observations