Our Expertise

By merging its skills, NAOS International excels in identifying and attracting highly qualified profiles for strategic positions, thereby contributing to the success of its clients in France and internationally.

In-depth expertise in international markets and business needs

We master the analysis of global labor markets, sector trends, and cultural and regional nuances in recruitment. Our approach includes a thorough analysis of the talent needs of client companies, encompassing not only required skills but also corporate culture and position specifics.

Extended global network and privileged relationships

With a vast network of contacts in France and internationally, we have access to high-level professionals and maintain lasting relationships with potential candidates.

Language proficiency and intercultural communication

Our language skills and sensitivity to cultural diversity facilitate effective communication with candidates from all backgrounds and regions of the world.

Identification of passive and qualified candidates

We excel in identifying passive talents, professionals not actively seeking employment but open to new opportunities. We search for rare profiles, often already employed and possessing specific skills.

Discreet and confidential approach

We operate discreetly to preserve the confidentiality of ongoing searches, particularly for strategic or sensitive positions.

Comprehensive candidate assessments

We conduct thorough assessments of candidates' skills, experiences, achievements, and personal qualities to ensure a perfect alignment with the needs and culture of the client company.

Ability to convince and attract top talents

We know how to convince the best candidates to join a company by highlighting the opportunities, challenges, and professional benefits offered by the position.

Strategic advice and support

We provide strategic advice to client companies on labor market trends, compensation, sought-after skills, and talent attraction and retention.

Adaptability and agility

We quickly adapt to market changes, technological advancements, and the changing needs of client companies.