Outplacement or career transition support

A customized and/or à la carte program for individuals and companies, combining the strengths of coaching and executive search.


  • Redundancy or company restructuring
  • Voluntary departure, contractual termination or voluntary departure plan (PDV)
  • Career transition
  • End of contract or retirement
  • Organizational changes within the company
  • Closure of an activity or site

Can lead to a type 1 or type 2 change:

=> Type 1 change: you want to change company without changing job

=> Type 2 change: you want to change company and are considering a change of profession, leading to a “mourning” of your past professional life and a search for meaning in your career path.

We take your expectations into account to build a tailor-made program with you as part of your career transition support. A time for you to take a step back and define your professional project and aspirations, so you can find a new job or create a new professional project more quickly and with greater peace of mind.

The stages of your support

Individual coaching

What is coaching? 🤔

The coaching process is the art of accompanying a person to find their own solutions, within a contractual framework, to define and achieve their professional and personal goals faster and more easily than would otherwise be possible, through a series of individual discussions between a person (the coachee) and a professional (the coach).

In an ever-changing world, coaching will provide you with a listening space in which you can raise the issue(s) inherent in or underlying your job search. You are your own resource!

“Everyone has the answers to the questions they ask themselves, and the resources they need to act and create the best conditions for the development of themselves, their team or their organization.”

8 to 10 sessions of 1h30 in our office at 130 Boulevard Saint Germain, 75006 Paris (Odéon)

What makes you unique

You’ll be asked to define what makes you different: your life story, your values, your needs, your skills, your know-how and your being. We’ll also look at what motivates you to take on your next challenge.

We propose several exercises (needs map, definition of your values, 360°…) and the “AssessFirst” test, which will enable you to refine your reflections.

This high-performance assessment tool helps you identify your potential beyond your career path. It includes a test of your intellectual agility (how you think), motivations (what sets you in motion) and personality (how you behave on a day-to-day basis). This test allows you to discover your Talents and what makes them truly unique.

You will be asked to draw up a summary report, which will form the basis of your pitch to future employers.

3 to 4 hours of sessions

Building and activating your professional project

Thanks to the coaching and support of a senior recruitment consultant specialized in your target market, you’ll be able to develop initial ideas about the project(s) that motivate you, in line with market realities.

Tableau 3 colonnes sur 7 lignes
Level of reflection Work theme Questions
World Ideal and Mission
My long-term vision
The meaning of my life
My life project
For Whom?
For what purpose?
Identity, History
My internal coherence
My uniqueness
My difference
Who am I?
Beliefs, Values (Table 1)
How I perceive the world
Meaning given to action
What's important to me?
Why do I care?
My qualities, my Talents
Personal resources How do I do it?
My actions
Perceptions of actions What to do?
The context
Discovering the context and external constraints Where and when?

You will be accompanied by your coach and senior consultants from NAOS International to work on the following elements according to your target sector(s) :

Module 1 - Personal-Branding

The process by which you actively create and manage your image, reputation and professional identity on one or more communication channels (e.g. LinkedIn, APEC, CV...).

3h training and action

Module 2 - Structuring your job search

Finalizing your professional project, market-specific strategies, tools to target the companies that interest you, preparing your prospecting campaign, introduction to using ChatGPT in your job search...

3 hours of training, putting into action and transmission of materials

Module 3 - Network Strategy

what are your network objectives? What is yours? What do I need for a network interview? How do I prepare my network strategy? How can I maintain my network?

2 hours training, putting into action and transmission of support materials

Module 4 - Interview Training

Creating your PITCH and role-playing

2 hours of training with a dual coach/consultant approach and transmission of support material.

Monitoring your search

Our team monitors your search (coach/consultant pair). We ask you to give us a weekly progress report so that we can encourage you to take stock.

It's an opportunity for us to give you the positive energy you need to achieve your goal of finding a new job!

We'll be able to assess what we can do together, and what your priorities are. Our headhunting firm, NAOS International, enables us to share our network with you and initiate contacts.

Choosing the right career path = because your strength will enable you to unearth several professional opportunities, we'll be at your side to help you choose the right career path, in keeping with your deepest aspirations.

Tracking your search

Our team provides ongoing support for your job search (a coach/consultant duo). We ask you to communicate your progress to us weekly so we can help you gain perspective.

This is an opportunity to provide you with positive energy to reach your goal: finding a job! We can assess which joint actions we can take and establish your priorities. Our executive search firm, NAOS International, enables us to share our network with you and initiate contact opportunities.

Choosing the right career path

Because your strength will enable you to unearth many professional opportunities, we’ll be at your side to help you choose the right career plan, in line with your deepest aspirations.

Why choose SOL?

  • Tailor-made support from a caring team on a human scale.
  • A coach/consultant partnership (in communication and recruitment).
  • The power of our network, both in France and internationally since 2008.
  • An HEC-certified coach who listens carefully to your needs and expectations.
  • Regular, personalized follow-up to support you in your professional transition.
  • A pleasant, stimulating setting at Odéon, 130 Boulevard Saint Germain, in the heart of Paris.
  • Consultants who are passionate, professional, committed and fun!