Beauty, Health & Pharma

Our expertise enables us to understand the specific challenges of the Beauty, health and pharmaceutical sectors. Our consultants closely monitor the developments in these markets, ranging from innovation in beauty products to revolutionary medical advancements. This expertise allows us to identify the essential skills required for executive positions and technical experts.


At NAOS International, we recognize that each company is unique, with its own challenges and executive recruitment needs. That’s why we offer tailor-made solutions, adapted to your corporate culture and objectives. Whether you are looking for a General Manager, a Business Unit Manager for one of your countries, a Quality/R&D Manager or a project manager in scientific research, our team is ready to collaborate with you to find leaders who embody your vision.

Our reputation for excellence in executive recruitment is built on our ability to identify, assess, and place relevant leaders for your organization. We take pride in our commitment to confidentiality, integrity, and client satisfaction.

Industry insights

“In the pharmaceutical sector, sustainable growth persists for the years to come, primarily driven by the American and European markets, with a strong emphasis on innovation. Emerging markets such as India, Brazil, and Turkey will witness significant growth in both volume and value. Major companies in the industry strategically position themselves to closely address the needs of their markets, consumers, and patients, while expressing a growing interest in biotechnologies capable of integrating artificial intelligence for early disease detection and optimizing the development costs of new molecules. Sector leaders are faced with an increasing density of data, requiring more precise reflection and expertise for informed decision-making.

In the beauty industry, the convergence of technology and sustainability is guiding the rapid transformation of the sector, with increasingly personalized skincare and customer experiences. Asian and Southeast Asian brands have quickly and successfully established themselves in their local markets, expanding their global footprint with high-end products that also appeal to European customers. Competition is intensifying, especially in mastering the digital channel, making the war for talent a crucial issue. Beauty sector players must adapt to this dynamic and invest in leadership profiles capable of navigating with agility in this constantly evolving competitive landscape.”