Pre & Onboarding Strategy

At the core of NAOS International, our executive search specialized recruitment firm, lies a unique approach to Pre and Onboarding Strategy. This concise, success-focused approach stands out for its premium nature, attention to detail, and high level of demand.

Personalized strategy

Every Pre and Onboarding Strategy is tailor-made to align perfectly with the needs and culture of your company. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each plan is carefully crafted to ensure the successful integration of new talents.

Recruiting top-tier executives

Drawing on our expertise in executive recruitment, we identify outstanding leaders who not only match the required skills but also seamlessly integrate into your organization.

Close collaboration

We prioritize close collaboration throughout the process. From strategic planning to talent selection and integration, our partnership ensures that each step is executed with precision.

Demanding and excellent

Excellence is at the core of our Pre and Onboarding Strategy approach. Our attention to detail and high level of demand ensure that every element of the process is meticulously managed, contributing to the success of new employee integration.