What is Assessment?

Assessment involves the implementation of a precise methodology to thoroughly evaluate preselected candidates. This approach enables a tangible comparison between the selected profiles and the ideal profile sought.

In practical terms, utilizing a series of tests and exercises tailored to your specific needs, you have the opportunity to analyze in detail the technical skills (hard skills) and behavioral competencies (soft skills) of your candidates. This comprehensive evaluation allows you to make an informed and objective final decision.

A well-executed assessment offers the opportunity to minimize recruitment errors and the undesirable consequences that may arise.

NAOS International's approach to assessment: Excellence & Rigor

At NAOS International, we develop custom tests and exercises specifically designed to meet your unique needs. Each step of the assessment is meticulously planned to align with your company’s culture and the particular challenges of your industry. Our team of experts ensures that every aspect of the evaluation adheres to your specific requirements.

The ultimate goal of our assessment process is to provide you with the most comprehensive and objective information possible, enabling you to make an informed and impartial final decision. We deliver detailed assessments of the hard and soft skills of each candidate, allowing you to select leaders who not only meet your current needs but are also prepared to actively contribute to your future success.

A well-conducted assessment translates to time savings, a reduction in recruitment errors, and, most importantly, mitigation of the adverse consequences that may ensue. We take pride in our role as a trusted partner in your executive recruitment process. Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and constant rigor are the cornerstones of our assessment approach.