Environment, Water, Energy & Transport

Our team has acquired extensive experience in these fields since NAOS International was founded. Our consultants closely monitor technological advancements, ever-evolving regulations, and environmental issues, enabling them to identify the essential skills required for executive leadership roles.

We know that every company, whether public, private or in a public-private partnership (PPP), in France or abroad, has its own challenges when it comes to recruiting executives and senior managers.

Hence, we offer tailored recruitment solutions aligned with your company culture and specific objectives. Whether you’re seeking a CEO for a transportation company, a technical director for a renewable energy firm, or an engineering director for a water treatment company, our team is ready to partner with you in finding leaders who embody your vision.

Our reputation for excellence in executive recruitment is built on our ability to identify, assess, and place exceptional leaders in the water, energy, and transportation sectors. We take pride in our commitment to confidentiality, integrity, and client satisfaction.

Sector insights

“In the context of sustainable mobility and ecological transition, the landscape is rapidly evolving with initiatives such as fleet electrification, the use of biogas, and the reduction of carbon footprint.

Transportation modes are diversifying, including soft mobility options in urban areas such as biking, scootering, walking, or carpooling. Connectivity and the integration of new technologies play a central role in redefining mobility. The post-Covid period has generated increased mobility needs, particularly related to telecommuting, creating a demand for more diversified offerings and efficient transportation solutions.”