Who We Are

With an internationally oriented "industrial" and "engineering" culture, we are advancing our development in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia through our adaptability, flexibility, and understanding of both regional and international challenges.
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Our vision

At NAOS International, our evolution and growth are attributed to our deeply ingrained values: Authenticity, Agility, Excellence, and Engagement. Shared within our team, these values guide our daily interactions.

By placing the well-being of our employees on par with that of our partners, we cherish every connection established with our counterparts. Every day, they positively influence our exchanges with clients and talents, reinforcing our commitment to exceptional collective performance.

Our strength lies in our diversity, comprehensive market understanding, resilience, tolerance, and mutual respect.

Our mission

Our mission is twofold: supporting talents in their professional transition daily while meeting the expectations of clients seeking more than just a key competence within their organization. In a perpetually evolving job search context, we continuously adapt.

At NAOS International, we are committed partners in the key moments of your life. We prioritize creating a trusting atmosphere conducive to a deep understanding of aspirations, values, unique skills, and individual needs.

By facilitating transitions to positions in France or abroad, we recognize that this sometimes impacts entire families, initiating a new chapter of life. Our mission transcends professional boundaries; it directly impacts the lives and dreams of those we have the privilege to serve.

We assist our clients in expanding into high-growth markets in France and internationally. This involves identifying, recruiting, integrating, and coaching the best talents for strategic and specialized positions within their organizations.


We provide personalized, confidential, and strategic services tailored to the specific needs of each of our clients in a competitive job market. Unified in our mission, we select talents that best align with the culture, values, and specific needs of the companies we work with. This approach aims to ensure your prosperity and competitiveness in an ever-changing world.

By combining empathy and entrepreneurial vision, we commit to creating harmony between a deep understanding of your human needs and the continuous growth of our clients. We firmly believe that the alliance of these two aspects is the key to establishing strong and lasting relationships, where the success of your business and the well-being of your employees converge toward local and international development.


Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d be delighted to answer any questions you may have about our offer and how we can support your organization.