Our Methodology

Our agile working method, based on a “project mode” approach, enables us to continually adapt our approach to a tense, fast-growing market, while guaranteeing the quality of our services.
We give visibility to our customers through weekly reporting, and to our Talents through regular monitoring.

1 – Evaluation Phase

Kick-off meeting
Each recruitment project begins with a kick-off meeting between each of the parties involved in the search for your Talent: Operations, Human Resources and one or more NAOS International Consultants, to align your needs, the context, the pitch to candidates and our search strategy. A report of the meeting is then sent.

Talent calibration
We define the best approach strategy based on our launch point: target companies, location, communication to attract the best talent on our first call, interview process... Within 1 week, we share “calibration” profiles with you, enabling us to align ourselves with your search, add or lighten selection criteria to gain efficiency and time on the rest of the project.


Direct Approach
Once the introductory meeting has been held, we use all communication channels to directly approach candidates matching your search, keeping in mind key skills and personalities in line with your corporate culture.

Our vision of the direct approach 
The added value that NAOS International offers its customers lies in accessing the “hidden market” of candidates, in other words, putting our customers in touch with people who are not actively looking for a job, and therefore not very visible on traditional tools such as job boards.

To achieve this, NAOS International deploys search tactics based on the identification of company targets (sector mapping), then the identification of potential candidates within these companies, and finally the ability to make contact with these people in order to detect their motivations for change. NAOS International employees are trained in the techniques of direct approach to candidates identified within detailed organization charts of target companies. We discreetly approach identified individuals through telephone scenarios.

Today, it's impossible to separate the role of recruiter from that of sales representative. Once we've successfully communicated with the profile we've identified and analyzed our customer's needs and values, we try to be our customer's best ambassadors, passing on key information to help them understand the position they're looking for.

Our direct approach techniques

  • Networking” approach, part of the firm's DNA, and co-optation: each consultant participates in an external professional network (APM, MEDEF International, We are comète...) and is involved in the Daubigny network (executives seeking employment).
  • Candidate database developed over 16 years (HubSpot CRM)
  • Professional networks: LinkedIn Recruiter license, APEC, Viadeo...
  • Implementation of telephone scenarios
  • Easy Search
  • Lusha/Kaspr and mail Hunter.io obtain telephone and e-mail contact details.

3 - Selection phase

During an in-depth interview, we confirm whether the candidate matches your expectations in terms of technical skills, motivation, professional quest, values and experience.

“In a context where everything is moving faster, where uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity dominate, most companies are now seeking to attract and recruit the profiles who will be able to carry and/or support their necessary transformation. This is why they are now turning to taking into account the potential of individuals, far beyond their pedigree or the experience they can display on their CV” Assessfirst.

This test is based on 3 complementary analyses:
Brain: Intellectual agility (12 minutes): the way he thinks
Drive: Motivations (10 minutes): what sets them in motion
Shape: Personality (10 minutes): how they behave on a day-to-day basis.
Our consultants can also carry out “Assessments” tailored to your needs: sales, linguistic, financial...

*If you are interested in taking an Assessfirst Test and would like a 1:00 assessment with one of our consultants, please contact us! .

Background checks
On request, we can carry out reference checks on former managers by means of a comprehensive report. These checks take place either before we present the list of most suitable candidates, or after you have met them.

Candidate report
We share with you all the information gathered during our interviews (CV, experience, professional quest, current and expected salary...) as well as our feelings and the results of Test AssessFirst to help you make the best choice.

4 - Integration phase

We hold regular meetings with the new recruit before he or she joins your company. Experience shows that the weeks between the signing of an offer and the start of the contract are critical. That's why it's important to keep in regular contact with the new recruit.
On the first day of employment, we send an encouraging and thoughtful message. We then schedule a follow-up meeting with the new Talent and the company separately at the end of the first week on the job, to debrief on the initial “hot” feedback.

We take the time to talk to the new recruit again at the end of the first month spent with the company, depending on his or her needs.
We then hold a follow-up meeting at the end of the trial period to get detailed feedback on the Talent's experience with the company (suitability for the position, details of current assignments, working relationship with manager and team, motivation).

At the end of the trial period, we also schedule a telephone meeting with our client to provide detailed feedback on the candidate's know-how and interpersonal skills.
We can also provide integration coaching if required.