Individual coaching

According to François Delivré, the coach must :
- Understand where the customer's PROBLEM lies in his professional context. This is the expert's eye.
- Have the skills to CONDUCT coaching, during each session and over time. This is the craftsman's know-how.
- Getting involved as a PERSON. This is the art of the coach's personal genius.

Tailored, sensitive support for individuals or companies

"My quest as a coach: To contribute to peace by helping the coachee to become aware of his vision of himself (his own light) and of the world, so that the world can change."
Jéromine Leroy
Founder & Coach

Jéromine LeroyFounder and Associate Director of SOL, Jéromine Leroy is also an Associate General Manager at NAOS International within the Paris office, an international consulting and Executive Search firm. Holding a dual master’s degree from IMIS-ESTHUA (hotel management) and ESCEM (business school specializing in Corporate Finance), Jéromine began her career at BEST WESTERN France before transitioning to the recruitment consulting world for executives and senior executives in 2015, both in France and internationally.

In 2023, Jéromine pursued certification in the “Executive Education Advanced Coaching” program at HEC Paris in order to, on one hand, provide additional service and value-added to our headhunting profession, for the benefit of the clients and Talents she accompanies. On the other hand, to give more meaning to her life and professional quest, to feel in her place by contributing to the world in her own way. As part of her training, she conducted research on Intuition. In 2024, Jéromine became a Practitioner and then a Master Practitioner in “Questiology” (Questiologie©), a communication tool that is innovative, differentiating, and pragmatic. It is a structured discipline accessible to all, allowing for the creation of unique questions – beyond simple open/closed questions – based on the situation and the interlocutor, and thus acquiring “the art and science of asking the right question at the right time” by training with Frédéric Falisse to refine this tool, discipline, and constantly evolving science of questioning.

Jéromine is a member of AICC (International Association of Certified Coaches – HEC Paris) and adheres to its ethical and deontological charter (link). She has undergone therapeutic work in the practice of coaching, enabling her to have an informed perspective on the psychological games that occur during sessions. She is supervised throughout the year, allowing her to enlighten and strengthen her support practice from concrete cases in order to deepen her posture and draw on her uniqueness. Furthermore, she regularly trains in new practices.

Her coaching identity is centered on the connection to feelings and emotions; that is, accompanying the individual in discovering what makes them unique, developing the positive aspects of their personality, and more broadly their potential in the company system by integrating the cultural and organizational constraints of their professional environment.

Jéromine uses several tools in her coaching practice such as:

  • Questiology
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Process Communication
  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • NVC (Nonviolent Communication)
  • Human potential test: Assessfirst
  • Values map (Dr. Emeric Lebreton) and needs map (Comitys Maëlle Challan Belval)
  • BCG (Balance Cost/Gain)
  • Meditation

Consultant or Coach?

It’s important to remember these fundamentals, as we are both a recruitment consultancy and certified coaches, and our two professions are often lumped together. However, we are regularly called upon to juggle the two (below: table taken from François Delivré’s book: Le métier de coach, 3rd edition, Eyrolles)

Make a contract

  • Performs only a technical and organizational diagnosis
  • Suggests a solution
  • Takes into account the customer’s professional problem
  • Responds to the customer’s request
  • Sticks to “content”
  • Sticks to professional issues
  • Provides a framework
  • Has authority over content due to competence

Make a contract

  • Carries out a psychological or psychosociological diagnosis.
  • Brings out the customer’s solution
  • Takes into account the customer’s personality
  • Analyzes the customer’s request
  • Takes into account content, process and meaning
  • Deals mainly with the part of professional problems linked to the customer’s personality
  • Shifts back and forth between his/her own and the customer’s environment
  • Has authority due to process competence

Where to find us?

Our offices are located at 130 Boulevard Saint Germain in the heart of Paris, near the Odéon station. Jéromine can also meet with you in Tours or remotely, depending on your requirements.
Face-to-face sessions are preferred. Only a few sessions can be arranged remotely.