1/ Kick-off meeting:
Every recruitment project begins with a kick-off meeting among those who will be involved in the recruitment process: your Operations and HR departments, and the NAOS teams. To conclude the meeting, we draw up an initial report of the candidate profile you are looking for based on our methodology and start the process of talent mapping the market.

2/ Talent mapping:
Our extensive knowledge of your sector makes it possible for us to rapidly identify the best profiles to fit your needs. We give you a trial list of candidates soon after the kick-off meeting to allow you to see the results of the initial calibration. We will ask you to give us your comments to finalise the calibration for the profile you are looking for before we can start the process of sourcing.



1/ Finalisation of talent mapping the market

2/ Direct approach:
Once the kick-off meeting is completed and we have a talent map of the market, we use all communication channels to contact the candidates who meet your expectations. Three principle tools are implemented:

a) Network Activation
Our qualified contacts in the relevant area are brought in.

b) Big Data Collection
IT and online tools are used to allow us to gather a large volume of information which is later filtered.

c) Talent Mapping
We then implement our methodology which includes direct approach, cold-calling, social networks, internal databases, regional web portals and professional network.



Interviews: two NAOS International consultants meet the candidates. In the interviews, we confirm whether the candidate matches your expectations in terms of ‘hard and soft skills’, motivation, career path, and work experience.

Specific Tests: we will include any specific tests you may want to give the candidate. We are also able to carry out personality tests to give additional information on the candidate’s individual attributes such as their personality, what motivates them and their readiness for such a position.

Equally, we can put in place technical tests according to your particular needs, for example, language or financial skills tests.

Background checks: we carry out systematic background checks with former employers. These either take place before we present the short-list of the most suitable candidates, or after you have met them.

The Candidate Report: once each of these stages has been validated, we prepare a complete dossier of the candidate which includes their CV, current and expected salary, the analysis of their profile, etc.




At this stage, we provide complete dossiers of 3 to 5 candidates, hand-picked by NAOS International, from whom you will choose your future employee.

Follow-up on the negotiation phase

NAOS International guides you throughout the discussion process with the candidates in order to facilitate this final stage of the recruitment.





Our experienced consultants:
We have a team of experienced consultants with backgrounds in engineering, sales, management and company directorship guaranteeing a sound operational understanding of the sectors in which we operate.
NAOS International allocates a consultant who will ensure the success of your employment project from start to finish.

Our international dimension:
With 12 nationalities and 8 languages spoken in teams across our 6 offices, NAOS is an international company characterised by its organization as “a team spread across several regions”. This further ensures you are provided with expert and local knowledge of the recruitment process in Europe, the Middle East or Asia allowing us to best meet your needs.

Our Service Level Agreement:
Our methodology allows us to deliver a quality above and beyond market standards. This translates into a retention rate of recruited candidates which is greater than the market average.

To date, NAOS International uses two Key Performance Indicators (KPI) over all geographic zones in which it is growing since its creation in 2008.
These are detailed below:

  • Percentage of recruitment projects which result in a recruitment: 96%
  • Percentage of candidates who are still with our client 24 months after their recruitment: 97%